Editor's Note: Online e-filing services often change what features and prices they offer throughout the tax season. We will update the Online Tax Software reviews as needed throughout the 2014 tax season as new versions are released.

eSmart Tax is Liberty Tax's online tax software. Liberty Tax has more than 4,400 offices in North America, and likely many of us become aware that it is tax season again when we see Liberty Tax's Statue of Liberty mascots demonstrating their human-billboard abilities on busy street corners. In fact, there are six franchises within 10 miles of our corporate offices – they are everywhere. Liberty Tax has many years of experience in tax preparation; in fact, the company's CEO and founder, John Hewitt, helped found Jackson-Hewitt and worked with H&R Block.

eSmart's state returns cost $9.95 to e-file. As for federal e-filing, simple 1040s are free, the Basic version is $14.95, the Deluxe version is $19.95 and the Premium version for business owners is $34.95. The free version can manage simple things like child and dependent care credit. Basic filing status, by eSmart's definition, is for those who have dependents or itemized deductions. The Premium can manage business, real estate and investment income.

When we tested eSmart, it was able to create accurate 1040 returns with itemized deductions. The online tax preparation software can import your 2013 return information from TurboTax, TaxACT and H&R Block, as well as 2013 returns prepared on eSmart. It can also import your W-2 and 1099 forms to speed up return creation and eliminate entry errors. Although it does not include a life-events interview per se, it does have a guided interview format and can help you discover common credits and deductions easily. It also has a handy feature called Add Reminder that will let you flag an uncompleted section to remind yourself to come back to it later.

This year, eSmart has free chat support and free, unlimited tax help to Deluxe and Premium filers. Basic filers can access support for only $9.95 per topic. You can also ask questions by email, Twitter or Facebook. We asked eSmart a question via Twitter and got a response within an hour. The service has a tax help section that covers basic tax information and. maintains a comprehensive blog in the Tax Lounge hosted on the Liberty Tax website. The blog covers a wide variety of topics from new tax laws, tax ideas for families and tax commentary.

eSmart Tax Summary:

eSmart is a good addition to Liberty Tax's already popular nationwide tax service. And, like most tax services, it is usually more affordable to file online than in a franchise office. So next time you see Miss Liberty spinning signs in your hometown, consider the company's online version; it will save you money.


eSmart Tax

eSmart provides free chat support to all customers.

This service doesn’t provide telephone support.

The Verdict:

If you are comfortable with preparing your own returns, eSmart can provide you with low-cost e-filing options. However, if you need extensive assistance, you may want to consider a higher-ranked service.